A Whisper in the Forest by Roxanna Rose⁠

Despite warnings from her mother, Laurel dreams of one day following her sister Willow into the nearby town. But when Willow returns and brings tragedy with her, Laurel realizes her mother was right – staying in the forest is the safest way to live.⁠

Especially with the secret they keep. ⁠

When a young man begins to move closer and closer to Laurel’s home in the forest, Laurel throws her guard up. But his kind voice start to break down her walls, and the hope that not all people are bad seeps through. Soon enough, Laurel realizes the town is closing in on her, and he’s just the beginning. Armed with the nightmare of her sister’s tragedy, Laurel must make a choice: succumb to the fate of her family, or trust that one man’s love is worth the risk of sharing her secret – and herself.⁠